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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have listed questions we get asked about our training courses and becoming a locksmith
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Which course is right for me?


The Level Three and Four Locksmith Picking Courses are for anyone with little or no experience who are looking to start a new and exciting career as a locksmith. The level four course will cover the same as the level three course but goes more in to mortice lock decoding for extra skills on mortice lock opening. We have many people from all over the UK and Ireland come and train with us on this course.
Why choose Locksmth Training Wales?​

This is a good question.  When choosing a course look at what is offered on the training, who is running the course, location and price. Many have not moved on with the times and have not kept up with changes in the trade so take your time and ask questions.  The certificate you receive from us on completion of your training is recognised within the locksmith industry, allowing you to get trade accounts with some of the biggest trade suppliers in the UK .
Can I bring my own locks?
Yes you can bring any locks with you to the course,  and we will show  "you"  how to open them along with many other british standard locks at the course hall.
​Will I be a qualified locksmith on completion of the course?



In the UK there are no recognised locksmith qualifications and  don't be fooled by any company offering such a thing. You are paying good money to learn how to pick and decode locks not be given a "qualification" just for turning up. Choose a course that offers you real world locksmith skills. Our certificate will get you trade accounts with all the biggest suppliers in the UK
What about accommodation?
There are many B&Bs and hotels to choose from about 5 minutes drive from the the training hall​.  We can provide details if required but most people run the training over 1 longer day so will not have to stay.

Become a locksmith

Starting any business requires time and hard work to become successful, but as a locksmith you will always be in demand. Keys, locks and doors will always need replacing, fixing and opening anywhere in the world. Learning the trade of locksmithing can take you anywhere in the UK and many parts of the world. 
  • Be your own boss:

If you want to set up as a mobile locksmith you become your own boss, choose the days and hours that you want to work and the money you earn.

  • Locksmith Services:

24 Hours a day 7 days a week there will always be someone who needs the services of a locksmith.

  • Locksmith Skills:

The skills you will learn with us can put you above other locksmiths. Many are not shown how to open some locks, or make keys by hand. Having the skills to do this can get you the job, make you money and also save on stock costs.

  • Work anywere in the UK:

You can take the skills you learn from us anywhere in the UK and most parts of the world.

  • job satisfaction:

Running your own locksmith business can be very rewarding, opening and fitting locks is just a small part of the skills a locksmith has.

  • Start up Cost:

Many training companies will try and sell you tools and stock after the course, telling you that you will need them.  Most of them work but do you really need them.  You want the right tools starting out and this will show in the start up costs when getting the right ones.

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