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Level IIII

Locksmith Course

Locksmith Training Wales Level 4 course is our main course and is a beginners course for anyone with little or no experience looking to start a new career as a locksmith.

This course is run over 1 longer day.

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Locksmith Training Courses Wales certificates are recognised within the industry, enabling you to get accounts with all the biggest trade suppliers in the UK
Level  4 Course

Run over 1 Longer Day

Course Times

9.00am - Until finish​

Price - £1800

Level Four Locksmith Picking Course Covers:
Locksmith Training Wales
Locksmith Training Wales
Locksmith Training Wales
On the Level 4 locksmith course you will learn everything you need to setup and run your own business plus extra mortice decoding tools for mortice locks. Some of the subjects you will cover are:
  • Lock/key identification
  • Key cutting by machine
  • Key cutting by hand
  • Disassemble locks
  • Reassemble locks
  • Re-pinning locks
  • Lock fitting
  • Lock picking
  • Euro cylinders
  • Rim cylinders
  • Wafer locks
  • bypass and entry techniques
  • Hand picks
  • Hand Rakes
  • Pick wire making
  • Tension wrenches
  • Electric pick gun
  • Manual pick gun
  • Bump keys
  • Letterbox tool
  • Snapping locks
  • Door spreader​
  • Mica cards
  • Key extractors
  • Upvc entry
  • Plug spinners
  • Padlock shims
  • 2 in 1 picks
  • Tryout keys
  • Drilling locks
  • Upvc mechanism
  • Mortice lock picking
  • Mortice lock identification
  • 2 Lever mortice locks
  • 3 Lever mortice locks
  • 5 Lever mortice locks
  • Curtain mortice lock picking
  • Lever curtain pick decoding
  • Advanced curtain lock picking techniques
  • Curtain lock decoder systems
  • Era
  • Fortress
  • Strongbolt
  • Yale
  • Securefast
  • Auto entry
  • Lishi picks
  • Business start up advice


Level 4 course - £1800

​On completion of your course you will receive​:

Free lock pick set or bump keys set.

Certificate of achievement

VIP locksmith video section

Course notes emailed


Locksmith Training Wales
ReAct Funding
Locksmith Training Wales
Locksmith Training Wales
ReAct Funding
ReAct Funding
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